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First things first, I want to point out to the community and the GM’s (specifically Camp and Oda) that this is not an attack in anyways toward this player that despite the drama I still consider a friend of sorts. In fact I helped and even suggested some of her more well known “shenanigans“, so I‘m in no way innocent here. The community has been in shambles for years, what’s worse is the consistent drama between most of the community and the figurehead of this server Xellie. I have known her for over a decade and i know she’s not the easiest to get along with. But her voice in the community is loud, and I believe it’s become too loud. I’ve agreed on some of her change requests and some I have not, and sadly now it seems to be less about the community and more about limiting power.

I’m sure you all are aware whenever a change is suggested by camp that Xellie does not agree with her entire guild will flood the forums with drama and rejection, this always happened when I was in guild with her. While I appreciate the GM’s taking into account the community’s feelings, no other MMO out there will take a single players idea and put it into the game. It’s nice, but can be completely abused.

1. Traps + Sight blaster Disconnecting and YOU!

This tactic thought up years ago was used recently in VH, specifically in a roundabout way to get reports for abuse to get Talkie Boxes banned in castles which would result in an exodus of an entire class(TKM) in the WoE scene. This scenario was 100% intentional and directed at a single player in this community who is one of the only people to play TKM in WoE(who has had drama involved with Xellie) This is when I truly found out how broken this server actually was.

2. Delaying Recall for babies!

Here’s another one she’s abused in the past. I actually abused it as well when we were Eco Raiding our Nidhog castle. If you are playing in windowed mode you can hold your window( like you’re going to drag it) during a recall. While you continue to hold this you will not spawn in which allows for dirty plays like breaking an Emperium and recalling a breaker only to steal the castle back after it’s taken.

Or most importantly brings us to our next bug.

3. Guildless recalling!

It was discovered that if you remake a character with the same name that happened to be in as guild still as it’s previous class it will be recalled despite being outside of guild. This was used during the Eco Raiding of Nid as well to prevent Wrecking Crew from gaining a foothold in the castle. This can also be used inside a WoE 1 emp room before the Emperium spawns to get a breaker in or an entire guild in the fort right as WoE begins.

4. 3rd Party Programs! Who needs warps, when you have robots!?

4a. Warps being down constantly during Valhalla’s woe was an huge issue. This was short lived but she rectified it by Botting the HP Aliens during woe. I’m sure the gm’s can check the chat logs for “warp commands” pm’d to that character.

4b. AIEEE!!!!

NDL and autopot are huge issues, sadly which cannot be policed. Unless an active GM in WoE, there is many things wrong with this game internally in the code. But the 3rd party programs have to go. I did used to use them while in Valhalla a year/two ago after she sent them to me, to test and see the capabilities of them. Xellie knew about this, but she benefited from it. So she looked the other way at the time. Since I have come back(on the enemy side) I knew the reports would be flooding the support center from VH. Xellie has used it before as well, but outside of skype I have zero proof. Plus I never liked using it anyways if that means something in this day and age.

5. S>WPE B>MVP Cards!

Xellie for the longest time has been against RMT’ing which I agree, destroys this game. However other players RMT’ing in her guild seems to be ok depending on if she can use said item or get left with it after they quit.

6. 3-Day VIP Promo-Codes.

This is the issue I have the biggest problem with. Granted I did benefit from it but at the time I didn’t realize how wrong/fucked up it actually was. As a community figurehead you have responsibilities. Especially if you are giving codes for streamers who watch your Twitch streams. I had weight issues a few woes and selfishly asked if she had any of the codes Camp and Oda gave to her for streaming prizes. These were handed to me without question under the premise “pretend I streamed”. Good friend, don’t get me wrong, but yeah screwed up in the end.

I’m leaving out personal drama involving my own items(or cut of) out of this. But would like Camp/Oda to have a sit down with Xellie and I over it at a future time.

Now all this was in the past. I’ve also blocked out her skype name, because I know this will ruffle a few trolls and I don’t support online bullying. If the GM’s want unedited ones, I’m happy to oblige. I doubt skype conversations mean anything in the grand scheme of things or is ban worthy material. In fact I hope she does not get banned. But her position in this community needs to be looked at and addressed, maybe remove some stress from her and help her out personally. But the bias and hatred has to stop affecting this server and pushing it further into the grave. Out of everyone I’ve seen posted on Warpportal. Themes is the most un-bias out of everyone and should be looked at as an example to everyone who still plays.